Glossary Of Terms

Challenge: The issue, gap, problem, situation in your community. You don’t like this negative framing? We get it! This can also be your opportunity or hope for your community.

Coaching/Mentor: A coach/mentor asks questions for you to discover the answers that you already had. They can ask questions about your goals, your activities, your resources, your direction, your teamwork, and so many others! It is important to remember that a coach/mentor doesn’t have the answers!

Design Jam: A collaborative, brainstorming gathering of people working on the same problem. It is geared towards generating solutions together in a fun and creative environment. You, your partners, and potential collaborators will gather to brainstorm about what is possible together. The key is that what you come up with will be the product of all of your ideas and experience.

Expression of Interest: Are you interested in being part of the Community Innovation Challenge? Express it! This form will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself, your team, and your community. We are looking forward to learning more and meeting you!

Round Tables: A tool to use to have your first conversation with multiple players and organizations in your community. This ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and included when understanding your community’s challenge and what everyone is bringing to the table.

Workshops: Workshops are not mandatory. They are some tools that could help you and your partners in doing a Community Innovation Challenge.

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