How it Works

What is it? What is the purpose?

Community Innovation Challenge is a group of people in a community to help make a difference. After gathering others that care about the same issue, we solve it together. Together we achieve more.

You are the people to make this change and you all have something to offer to make a difference. In other words, this challenge surrounds people in your community that care about making a difference. Is there something that is a gap or challenge in your community that you and others are anxious/hopeful to change?

We are seeking crossroads, neighbourhoods, villages, towns, and communities that wish to dream about what is possible together. Let’s make a dream, a reality. And be willing to act in collaboration on what you have co-created.

The Community Innovation Challenge brings together, makers, mentors and funders from across Canada who are focused on making a better society. We will be providing up to $2,000 in start-up funding for socially innovative ideas. There is also an opportunity to connect and engage with other projects that may interest you!

Who can be part of this?

  • Four (4) partner organizations willing to work together
  • An agreed-upon challenge / gap / problem
  • A strong understanding of the community you are supporting
  • Be willing to host a design jam

What are the benefits of getting involved?

There are many benefits to participation, which includes:

  • Positive impact on the community
  • Making new connections
  • Gaining new skills/insights

Participants will also have access to workshops to help you develop and execute your plans, such as:

  • Identifying key issues to be addressed
  • Asset mapping and asset-based community development
  • Design thinking and co-creating ideas
  • Effective project management approaches
  • Program Evaluating

Expression of Interest