Hamilton - October 18

Neighbourhood-Based Innovation Challenge

$1500 Grand Prize

Few things encourage us more at Reimagine than seeing everyday people—with everyday jobs, commitments, and schedules—extending small acts of presence, hospitality, and creativity in their localities. At this year’s Reimagine Conference, we will be highlighting Micro Neighbourliness by hosting an Innovation Challenge. Micro-neighbourliness is defined as ‘the small, patient, and practical ways that we pivot toward our localities and the people that we share them with.’ These small acts of neighbourliness deepen our local presence, move us toward the people we share proximity with, and subvert the loneliness, isolation, and fragmentation that exists in our local contexts.

*More info on Micro-Neighbourliness at bottom

We are looking for you to share an idea or an initiative you are already working on that embodies micro-neighbourliness. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – You create a compelling 2-min video that explains and/or demonstrates your idea or initiative. This can be anything at all so long as it contributes to micro neighbourliness!

Step 2 – Upload your video to Youtube by September 16, and send the link to dave@parishcollective.org along with your full name and the name of a faith community if you or your project are affiliated with one. Also share publicly on your social media channels encouraging people to like your idea and promote the Reimagine Conference. (likes matter)

Step 3 – On Sept. 20th, we will notify the five finalists that they will have an opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges and an audience at Reimagine Conference in Hamilton, Ontario this October 18th at the Arts Night. 

Step 4 – The finalists will have 3 days to confirm their participation. If they have not accepted the invitation by Sept. 23rd, the invitation will be withdrawn and the slot will go to another participant.

Step 5 – The five participants selected to proceed will be matched with a mentor who has committed to up to two hours of mentorship around the concept. This can be done virtually as the mentors may be in various places across the globe and will be paired with the projects based on the nature of the project and the skills and experience of the mentors. It will be between the mentor and mentee to determine the scheduling of their mentorship calls and/or meetups.

Step 6 – At the Reimagine Conference this year, the five finalists will have 2 minutes to deliver a final pitch and 3 minutes of Q&A from a panel of 3 judges who will evaluate the projects based on a quadruple bottom line scoring sheet (Spiritual, environmental, social, financial). In conventional business, the ‘bottom line’ is profit. More recently, in Social Enterprise models, social and environmental impacts are also measured and considered as a form of value creation. From a spiritual point of view, a quadruple bottom line is a measure of how life giving and spiritually grounding the initiative has the capacity to be.

Most ideas rooted in micro-neighbourliness tend to have an inherent leaning towards a social cohesion, and may even be more environmentally conscious than competing ideas. Remember to frame things creatively!

Step 7 – One of the five pitches will receive $1500!

Micro-Neighbourliness may be embodied in:

–“Small acts of neighbourliness—in a particular place and over a long span of time—are far more impactful than we tend to recognize”

–“The slow, attainable work of micro-neighbourliness keeps us from the apathetic inaction that can occur when our ideas, for the common good of the neighbourhood, get too big, too complex, and too hard to get off the ground. If we aren’t careful, large, elaborate ideas—paired with a lack of margin in the daily rhythms of our lives—can overwhelm us into passivity.”

–“When we take the long view of being present in a place, we start to see micro-acts of neighbourliness for what they are: gestures that, in the immediate, offer goodwill, welcome, and connection and that, over time, can have a meaningful, more expansive impact on our places.”